Pit Tracking System

Pit Tracking System

Pit Tracking System is a wifi based system that administers pit stops and ensures full control that driver changes take place on time. In the vast majority of cases, the stints in long-distance races are time-regulated so that driver changes take place both fairly and safely. Also, if minimum pit time is mandatory the system handles that too.

With the NTSS Pit Tracking System, you get fully automatic monitoring of driving times, how many driver changes have been made, that they have been made at the right time, who is driving which stint, length of each pit stop, etc.

The range between the CCU and respectively RFID-reader is up to 175 meter with standard antenna and up to 300 meter with long range antenna when free sight between the units. The system works with 12 or 230 volt.

The system has been tested at e.g Mittsverigebanan and is available for delivery

The system is delivered with software (available for both Windows and Mac), self-adhesive RFID tags, RFID readers and i some cases an CCU unit.

Basic system:

  • Basic package including software, 2 RFID-readers and 50 RFID tags (wifi available at pit entry and pit exit) from 18,830 SEK
  • If no wifi at pit entry and / or exit the CCU unit is needed, from 5,990 SEK


  • Extra RFID stickers 50 pcs 300 SEK
  • Stand for RFID reader for mobile use 850 SEK / pcs
  • Portable solar panel 100 W 2,200 SEK / pcs
  • Battery 12V 30 Ah gel 1,249 SEK / pcs

VAT is not included