Digital Flag Lights

Mobile Flag Light

Mobile Flag Light is a system where you place a so-called LED puck inside the car, on the motorcycle or gocart which is controlled from race control and shows green, white or red (white instead of yellow for a clearer difference from green). The system is suitable for training, trackdays, endurance races, etc., but not for sprint races as all LED pucks are switched on and off at the same time regardless of where on the track they are.

The LED-pucks are 70 mm in diameter, bright, waterproof and powered by three AAA batteries. Suitable placement is with a mobile phone holder for the windshield, double-sided adhesive tape or similar. From season 2022 we will also offer a version with re-chargeable batteri via USB, however for rental use the AAA-version is recommended. 

The range of the transmitter is about 1000 meters and an unlimited number of LED pucks can be controlled from a control unit. In stock

Basic system:

  • One transmitter and 20 LED-pucks AAA-battery 6,500 SEK 
  • One transmitter and 20 LED-pucks re-chargeable 7,500 SEK


  • Extra LED-pucks 10 pcs AAA-battery 2,900 SEK
  • Extra LED-pucks 10 pcs re-chargeable 3,400 SEK
  • Extra transmitter (two ore more transmitters can be used if the distance is too long) 2,300 SEK
  • External antenna for better range 800 kr 

Marshal Flag System

Marshal Flag System is an easy-to-use system that replaces flags with LED lights on turn posts. They can be controlled from race control or by flag guards at the post. The basic package consists of a self-developed, user-friendly software and is then supplemented with IP-65 encapsulated, 300 mm large LED lights on each post. There is also a Pit lane function (red / green for entry and exit of the pit lane) that automatically turns red on the Pit-out at red flagging and automatically red on the Pit-in (if required) when yellow flag around the entire tracks (e.g. SC, VCS). Also a start function for both standing and rolling start is included.

Marshal Flag System can store several tracks with preset sectors, which makes the system excellent for series, clubs, etc. that race on different tracks.

The system works over ethernet and can be operated via a laptop or desktop computer. If there is no LAN or wifi network and / or 12/230 volts out on the postings, you choose the AP (access point) solution or 4G and / or car battery with or without solar cells. The LoRa solution is also an excellent solution for mobile systems that can be used on several different paths, connect to 230 volt with a converter or directly to a 12 volt battery at each entry and it's done.

Basic system:

  • Software 6,500 SEK 
  • LED-light for LAN from 5,900 SEK / post
  • LED-light for AP / 4G communication from 8,000 SEK / post 
  • CCU central unit from 54,800 SEK, one CU per AP / 4G-system

  • Stand for LED light 850 SEK / pcs.
  • Portable solar panel 100 W 2,200 SEK / pcs
  • Battery 12V 30 Ah 1,249 SEK / pcs.

Stewart Flag System

Stewart Flag System is a system that replaces start lights and manual flagging at start / finish. The basic package consists of a self-developed, user-friendly software and is supplemented with a bright (> 5500 nits) LED display. From race control you can then show all signal flags and individual flags with start number as well as SC and VSC 60 as well as start lights with automatic start sequence. Also time to start and time/laps left of race can be displayed. When not in use, you can run advertisements or information on the display. 

The display can be operated from a computer, tablet or a smartphone and provided you have an overview of the entire course, you can also expand the system with our MFS system to control "turn post light".

Basic system:

  • Software (excluding LED-display) 11,500 SEK


  • LED-display for (start / finish) from 25,000 SEK
  • LED-display for turn post from 16,000 SEK 

Automated Track Safety System

Automated Track Safety System is a fully automatic AI-based managing system for racing, road racing etc. and will revolutionize the safety of racing tracks.

ATS is under development and is planned to be tested in 2024 for commercial launch in 2025.

VAT is not included