Automatic, semi-automatic & manual track safety and support systems

Nordic Track Safety Systems' (NTSS) goal is to identify, develop and maintain simple and cost-effective support systems for motorsport organizer's using modern technology and needs-based ideas, thereby increasing efficiency and safety.

So far, we have developed three easy-to-use systems for digital warning and flag lights, one mobile for mounting in cars, on motorcycles, etc. and two systems next to the track, as well as a managing and monitoring system for driver changes / pit stops intended for endurance races with time-limited stints or minimum pit time. We also have camera systems to monitoring the track from race control. Read more about our products and services here.

We are also developing an AI-based system for automatic managing race tracks which, if all goes well, can create completely new conditions for streamlining racing for cars and motorcycles.

Photos taken by Henrik Hedström, and Alexander Laurin